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Magic from Ice

We all know, Siberia is extreme cold. These temperatures are so low that Lake Baikal, situated in eastern Siberia and representing the oldest freshwater lake on Earth, and one of the largest and deepest, containing around one-fifth of the world’s freshwater, freezes over.

We will now take a look at Baikal during the bitter winter months. If you think that Siberia is inhospitable during its coldest times, think again. Large swaths of the lake are frozen over, allowing large vehicles to bridge its expanse. Many caves are now accessible, housing many of the wildlife, but giving travelers a glimpse of them during their hibernating months.

If you decide to travel to Baikal in the winter, be sure to dress appropriately. The winds gusting across the lake can knock down a grown man quite easily, and the temperatures often fall below -20C. In the photos below, we will not be able to see how cold it is, but judging by the landscape you can be reasonably easily convinced that it isn’t for the faint at heart.




Giant ice blocks, also called ice hummocks, form through movement of ice flow, extreme winds and cold temperatures can reach a height of 15m (50ft).


When they catch the sun, these transparent masses of ice to glow emerald green which is the actual color of the water underneath.magic-place-14

magic-place-10    magic-place-9

magic-place-8   magic-place-13      magic-place-25

It would be amazing to find such large emeralds in nature! Yes you only can dream of it! Pictures are just amazing!.




magic-place-27  magic-place-11

magic-place-29     magic-place-33



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