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Kansas – Beautiful landscapes of Sunsets and Sunrises

This prairie state has a colorful history, sprawling grasslands and sophisticated urban centers for travelers to explore. Kansas offers a lot more than just fields of wheat and sunflowers. Beautiful natural landscapes especially mixed with sun highlights the true beauty of Kansas.

Images are borrowed from Michael Strickland. He is an award winning American landscape photographer who focuses his work on the Kansas landscape.

kansas-sun-set-3The sun sets behind a field of golden sunflowers on a late summer evening.Image Source

New Light on an Abandoned PastThe sun rises on a blooming prairie in late spring, casting a golden light across the land.Image Source

Autumn EmbersThe sunset erupts in bright shades of reds and orange on a late autumn evening.Image Source

kansas-sun-rises-2The sun rises across a freshly cut milo field in western Kansas.Image Source

kansas-sun-set-2Deep in the prairie, the summer sun sets in Arkalon State Park in southwest Kansas.Image Source

kansas-sun-rises-3Every year across Kansas, you can find huge fields of blooming sunflowers. The rising sun reflects its light against a departing summer storm.Image Source

Severe Thunderstorm, Seward County: 2013A storm surges as the sun sets across the Western Plains of Kansas, shedding beams of light across the sky.Image Source

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