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Fairy Tale Villages in Japan

The Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama are traditional Japanese settlements.The houses in the villages in the valley are unique to Japan. They are very big, and have thick thatched roofs that come down steeply. This way the snow can slide off the roofs. There is also enough space under the roofs to store supplies for long winters. The inhabitants of these villages used to earn their money in the silk-industry. They lived a very secluded life.In Japanese, the houses are called Gassho-zukuri. Gassho means praying hands, suggesting the form of hands raised in prayer to the buddha. Here it refers to the triangular shape of the roof.

It’s a place you must go before you die. During different seasons you would see very different scenes. Also, you would be amazed by the wisdom of people who designed this great architect which harmonized with the nature.






Shirakawa-go-Gokayama-2   Shirakawa-go-Gokayama-17

Shirakawa-go-Gokayama-21  Shirakawa-go-Gokayama-7  Gokayama, Toyama, Japan     Shirakawa-go-Gokayama-14  Shirakawa-go-Gokayama-16    Shirakawa-go-Gokayama-20  Gokayama, Toyama, Japan


Shirakawa-go-Gokayama-24   Shirakawa-go-Gokayama-27

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