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These Eerie Photos Of Abandoned Places Are So Much More Than Ruins

People love looking at photos of abandoned buildings. The more opulent a structure once was — and the more dilapidated it currently is — the better. Chicago-based photographer Eric Holubow’s new book, Abandoned: America’s Vanishing Landscapes, released this summer, focuses on the product of his explorations inside abandoned properties. Holubow believes there is “a degree of fatalism” in his work, as well as a reminder that buildings aren’t immortal. There’s a “shared fate” between a building and the individuals who built it, he says. Like a car crash or a house fire, the viewer can’t look away for fear that they may miss a rare opportunity to stare Death right in the eye.

Holubow also believes these images symbolize a loss of faith in powerful American institutions — government and capitalism come to mind. Thus, photos of the disarray left behind by a shuttered school or the ruins of a once-glamorous celebrity hot spot take on deeper meanings. [Read more…]

These Giant Wall Murals Will Make You Feel Like Your Bed Is In The Middle Of Nature

Don’t be fooled, that’s not a living room in the middle of a field or atop a mountain. In fact, it’s an ordinary, indoor living room with a visually deceiving wall mural of natural landscapes. By adding PIXERS’ nature-inspired wall murals, these rooms wind up looking a lot bigger than they actually are. [Read more…]

Spooky, Wild Scenes Straight Out of Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Like a professional location scout for Grimm fairy tale movies, photographer Kilian Schönberger seeks out and explores the less-traveled regions of Europe, searching for places that test the boundaries of fantasy and reality. The results are haunting photographs that look like they were smuggled out of a dream.

The resulting series is called Brothers Grimm Homeland, for which Schönberger expertly uses framing, fog and lighting to subtly suggest the fairy tales of The Brothers Grimm. He lets our imaginations do the rest. [Read more…]

Amazing collection of “Don’t Look Down” Photos

Whatever you do, don’t look down. [Read more…]

23 Most Beautiful Vertorama Photos

A vertorama is an image composed of two or more photographs, joined together in image editing software, along a horizontal line, to form one image. DSLR camera’s, in their adherence to the convention of rectangular format, often stifle artists who want to illustrate the wide and tall nature of what they see…:)) So armed with a wide or ultra-wide angle lens, they’ll take two or more landscape images of a scene, composing differently for light and/or shapes, particularly vertically. Then later, they’ll ‘blend’ the images together, one above the other, to make a single wide, tall image. You as the viewer get a much enhanced view of what the photos saw… that’s a vertorama. [Read more…]

Gorgeous Infrared Landscapes With Trees of Gold and Silver

gorgeous-landscapes-6In infrared photography, a filter is used on the camera to block all light except infrared waves, giving the image a dreamlike appearance. Here, French photographer David Keochkerian uses the power of infrared tech to depict European landscapes in surreal, bizarre colors.

In Keochkerian’s pictures, the natural greens found in the landscapes are automatically reconfigured as alien-looking yellows, blues, and pinks. Looking like shots of faraway planets, the photos have an unnatural quality that flies in the face of what we expect from landscape photography.

[Read more…]

Junk Castle

Not for everyone modern and luxury house architecture is what they want. Some people think different about green buildings and this house is a great example of this way of thinking. Residents of this house do not have to spend thousands of dollars in order to do something good to our planet. Those people simply create something beautiful from trash and called their work Junk Castle. This building is located in Washington and it is constructed from many different items, including washing machine parts, miscellaneous housings, sheet metal, dryer doors, bedsteads and even a door from a 1952 Oldsmobile. The Junk Castle symbolizing the reusability of junk as well as showing off the designer’s creativity. The building was created by former art teacher Victor Moore and his wife Bobbie.

This definition is broad and inclusive permitting many different interpretations; however, the underlying objective is that architectural reuse may be understood as an evolutionary process occurring over time. Like ecological succession, adaptive reuse deals with directional change, a gentle and unpredictable temporal shift is the whole basis of the building’s structure and function. The castle is featured in several books including “Strange Sites” by Jim Christy, “Fantasy Worlds” by John Maizels and “Fantastic Architecture” published by Abrams. Adaptive reuse “slows nutrient loss” while contributing to the diversity, complexity and continuity of a particular place. People all over the world who have heard about this castle have shown such a positive attitude to its concept that this castle indeed qualifies as a competitor in the dream castle segment.

[Read more…]