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Nature Reflections in Windows

Reflections can be annoying. They can get in the way of what you want to make pictures of. This usually happens with windows, where light bouncing off the glass can obscure your subject. These can be hazy reflections that make everything soft or overpoweringly bright ones that wipe out your subject altogether. But sometimes reflection can be a good thing in life—and photography—whether it creates beautiful symmetry in landscapes or presents often photographed things in new ways. Especially beautiful photos can be created combining the window and nature, as seen in the photos bellow.

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13 Heart-Shaped Rock Formations Around the World

It’s the time of year when love is in the air but as these pictures prove – it’s all over the earth too. These extraordinary images, taken by photographers across the globe, show Mother Nature is celebrating the big day with iconic heart shapes appearing all over the natural world.

Forget candy hearts. We’re showing off thirteen  pretty cool heart-shaped rock formations.


1.A heart shaped rock formation in Nevada

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