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15 Spilled Flower Pots That Turn Your Flowers Into Streams Of Paint

Many already consider flowers to be a refreshing splash of color in their backyard or garden, so why not strengthen the impression by making them literally seem like a dash of spilled paint? These creative garden designs will show you how you can make flowers look like spilled streams and mounds of liquid color!

There’s no one right or wrong way to make your spilled-pot garden, but one thing most guides agree on is that you should bury about half of the pot in the ground. This, of course, makes spilled-pot planters a great way to recycled old or broken pots! The rest is easy – choose your plants and plant them in the location and design of your choice!

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Kansas – Beautiful landscapes of Sunsets and Sunrises

This prairie state has a colorful history, sprawling grasslands and sophisticated urban centers for travelers to explore. Kansas offers a lot more than just fields of wheat and sunflowers. Beautiful natural landscapes especially mixed with sun highlights the true beauty of Kansas.

Images are borrowed from Michael Strickland. He is an award winning American landscape photographer who focuses his work on the Kansas landscape. [Read more…]

Breathtaking Views From Cable Cars

Cable cars and Funiculars are appreciated for making it easy for us to discover the beauty of some places which are otherwise impossible to reach. Urban cable cars are picturesque and charming and give you the pleasure of really feeling as a tourist, with plenty of time and much to see and to taste. Because we like them, here are 10 cable cars which cannot be missed, if you find yourself in nearby areas.

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The Most Beautiful and Famous Trees on Earth

“A tree is a wonderful living organism which gives shelter, food,
warmth and protection to all living things. It even gives shade to
those who wield an axe to cut it down
” – Buddha.

There are probably hundreds of majestic and magnificent trees in the world – of these, some are particularly special: [Read more…]

9 of the most beautiful topiary gardens around the world

Topiary gardens are where lush greenery combines with structure and form for a magical result. Check out these amazing gardens, open to the public. [Read more…]

10 Most Beautiful Natural Phenomena In Croatia

Croatia is definitely one of the most beautiful European countries and it has lots of scenic natural corners to pamper your vacation with a wealth of beautiful experiences. From an abundance of green plains with lush woodlands and spacious meadows, to an abundance of mountains, rivers and mountain lakes – you can take advantage of plenty of places to escape awhile to this scenic country. Not to mention that the coastline of Croatia is gorgeously bathed by the warm waters of Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean, while hundreds of islands and islets transform the entire coastline into an unsurpassed watery wonderland. If you really want to enjoy an unforgettable and special vacation with your kids, friends or loved ones – then, a great idea is to visit all or at least a few of the 10 Most Beautiful Natural Phenomena In Croatia. They include only the best of the best masterpieces of the nature, while the best thing is that they are listed below. Take a look. [Read more…]

14 Most Beautiful Tree Tunnels in the World

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Top 10 Natural Wonders of the U.S.A.

top-10-natural-wonders-usa-10America’s most iconic outdoor spots can be experienced in different ways, whether by hiking and scenic drives or flightseeing and scuba diving. From the tallest peak in North America to unique undersea worlds, we’ve got the greatest U.S. outdoor attractions, in alphabetical order. What are your favorite natural wonders from this list? [Read more…]

Interesting shapes made from wooden logs

interesting-shapes-wood-logs-16The beauty and color of the wood brings a sense of warmth and serenity. Wood refers directly to natural values that man needs to feel on their own organic condition. Without falling into pantheistic or mythologies telluric attitudes should be emphasized that it is a living material, which causes an emotional bond with nature making us symbolically return to our roots. Check out this awesome collection of shapes  made ​​from wooden logs.

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