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Breathtaking Views From Cable Cars

Cable cars and Funiculars are appreciated for making it easy for us to discover the beauty of some places which are otherwise impossible to reach. Urban cable cars are picturesque and charming and give you the pleasure of really feeling as a tourist, with plenty of time and much to see and to taste. Because we like them, here are 10 cable cars which cannot be missed, if you find yourself in nearby areas.

Rio de Janeiro ,Brazil

This is definitely a must-see, must-do for anyone who visits Rio de Janeiro for pleasure. The cable car will go up to the summit Sugraloaf Mountain (396 m above the sea level). The famous statue ‘Christ the Redeemer is on the way and the view is splendid.



Grindelwald-Männlichen Cableway, Switzerland

Switzerland could not remain unmentioned in this top of the best funicular and cable car rides. Grindelwald-Männlichen ranks the third in the top of the longest passengers gondola lift and needs 30 minutes to make the journey between the two locations, of which the first is a little village 943 meters above sea level, while the second is a ski  region in the Swiss Alps.




Tianmen Shan cable car: Zhangjiajie Resort, China

China’s Tianmen Shan cable car is the longest cable car ride in the world, covering a distance of 7,455 meters. The car runs from Zhangjiajie downtown up to Tianmen Shan, which translates as “Heaven’s Gate Mountain.”Once you arrive you get to witness towering cliffs, karst caves and rare sub-tropical forests.The steepest section of the trail reaches a climbing angle of 38 degrees. By comparison, the world standard for cable car maximum climbing angle is 45 degrees.If you think that’s scary, consider the acrobats who come here to wire-walk.



Grenoble-Bastille Cable Car, France

The cable cars, also known as the Bubbles, take the residents and visitors to the Bastille fortress since 1934. It is an easy and quick way to reach the popular site: besides, the cable line itself is as famous as the Bastille.



Mérida, Venezuela

This cable car ride is known as the longest and the tallest in the world. If you enjoy this type of journey, you’ll be glad to discover that this particular ‘teleférico’ takes an hour to ascend from a plateau in the Andes to the top of Mountain Pico Espejo.

Cable-Car-Trips-4 source


The Peak Tram, Hong Kong,China

The Peak Tram is 120 old and it is apparently a great way to enjoy Japan’s landscapes and natural wonders. This tram also allows you to profit from the views of the city in a special way. These funicular ascends rapidly up to Victoria Peak so that the buildings seem to be leaning over as you pass by.


Genting Skyway,Malaysia

Genting Skyway is featuring two records, for your delight: the fastest cable cars in the world as well as the longest cable way in Southeast Asia. At the end of your ride, Genting Skyway Resort will tempt you with many attractions such as restaurants, theme park, shops, hotels, and a casino. These conveniences are at 2,027 meters above the sea level, in the clouds!



Masada, Israel

Not traversing mountains, but the ruins of an ancient fortress, this cable car runs above Israel’s Judean Desert, overlooking the Dead Sea.It is the lowest aerial tramway in the world, with its lowest station 257 meters below sea level and its summit station 33 meters above sea level.As well as views of the old fortress, the Masada cableway gives you a chance to see the sunrise over the desert.



Aiguille du Midicable cable car: Chamonix Mont Blanc, France

Want to admire the glaciers in Europe? Aiguille du Midi, the highest vertical ascent cable car in the world, is the one to board.It takes just 20 minutes to climb 2,800 meters from the town of Chamonix to the high Alps.
The car stops at a terrace with views of the highest peaks in France, Italy, and Switzerland. A lift to the summit terrace at 3,842 meters offers a 360-degree view and includes Europe’s highest peak, Mont Blanc.




Gulmarg Gondola, Jammu and Kashmir

The valley of Gulmarg is located at 2,730 meters, in north-western Himalaya and it is so charming that it was named ‘the Meadow of flowers’. Here is the base of the world’s highest cable cars, rising vertically up to 3, 980 meters. The speechless view includes impressive summits such as K2.


Table Mountain Cableway, Cape Town, South Africa

One interesting feature about this cable car is the fact that its floor is rotating 360 degrees so that the tourists may experience an unique, delightful trip. The journey is short comparing to some of those already mentioned in this top but the views are spectacular and the possibilities of exploration or relaxations are countless.


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