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Springtime Views of a Bluebell Wood

Bluebell woods may be found in all parts of Great Britain and Ireland, as well as elsewhere in Europe. Carpets of Bluebells are a magnificent sight in the springtime especially in Britain. They are often associated with ancient woodlands. Bluebells are well adapted to life in woodlands. In the spring they flower before the surrounding trees come out in full leaf. This means that they complete their life cycle while light levels are high. Bluebells are able to grow quickly in the spring because they have an energy store in the form of a bulb.

We hope you will enjoy in this unique and beautiful collection of Bluebell views in ancient Woodland during springtime. [Read more…]

Gorgeous Garden of Europe

Keukenhof also known as the Garden of Europe, is the world’s largest flower garden. It is situated near Lisse, the Netherlands. If you’re a flower lover and your best time of the year is spring, odds are that you’ve already heard about Keukenhof, a festival dedicated to the spring blossom. The sheer wealth of colors and fragrances sprawled across a huge park is an awe-inspiring sight for everybody. With more than seven million flowers bedecked in beautiful arrangements, the Keukenhof event is truly a sight for sore eyes. Started 60 years ago, the Keukenhof festival has transformed from a non-descript hunting section with untamed bushes to an event frequented by thousands the world over. [Read more…]

Remarkable Views of Point Reyes National Seashore

Point Reyes National Seashore is a 71,028-acre (287.44 km2) park preserve located on the Point Reyes Peninsula in Marin County, California, USA. The Point Reyes peninsula is a well defined area, geologically separated from the rest of Marin County and almost all of the continental United States by a rift zone of the San Andreas Fault, about half of which is sunk below sea level and forms Tomales Bay. The fact that the peninsula is on a different tectonic plate than the east shore of Tomales Bay produces a difference in soils and therefore to some extent a noticeable difference in vegetation. [Read more…]

Beautiful Antelope Valley in California

Millions upon millions of bright blooming poppies populate California’s Antelope Valley, making it appear right out of an impressionist painting–or, if you would, an HD desktop wallpaper. Located in west of the Mojave Desert in northern Los Angeles, Antelope Valley is dry and barren throughout the year. But from mid-February to late May, the meadows spring into life, coloring the fields in a medley of orange, yellow, pink, and green. It has the most consistent blooms of California poppies in the USA, thanks to state protection, which excluded even grazers like sheep and antelopes from roaming the buttes. Apart from poppies, other wildflowers like owl’s clover, lupine, goldfield, cream cups, and coreopsis add color to the countryside. In order to maintain the park’s natural state, the flower fields are not watered nor stimulated by the park service.Hikers are welcome to explore the reserve. There are 11 km of trails, traversing through the poppy fields. Benches are scattered all over the trails for more laid-back visitors. Picking flowers is, without question, strictly prohibited. [Read more…]

Spooky, Wild Scenes Straight Out of Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Like a professional location scout for Grimm fairy tale movies, photographer Kilian Schönberger seeks out and explores the less-traveled regions of Europe, searching for places that test the boundaries of fantasy and reality. The results are haunting photographs that look like they were smuggled out of a dream.

The resulting series is called Brothers Grimm Homeland, for which Schönberger expertly uses framing, fog and lighting to subtly suggest the fairy tales of The Brothers Grimm. He lets our imaginations do the rest. [Read more…]

Kansas – Beautiful landscapes of Sunsets and Sunrises

This prairie state has a colorful history, sprawling grasslands and sophisticated urban centers for travelers to explore. Kansas offers a lot more than just fields of wheat and sunflowers. Beautiful natural landscapes especially mixed with sun highlights the true beauty of Kansas.

Images are borrowed from Michael Strickland. He is an award winning American landscape photographer who focuses his work on the Kansas landscape. [Read more…]

World’s Top 7 Places to Watch Sunsets

Watching the sun go down can be a mesmerising sight. When you’re planning your summer trip, take into account these seven places with the most stunning sunsets in the world. Here’s our top 7 places for sunsets. [Read more…]

Råbjerg Mile – Beautiful Migrating Dune

A traveling pile of sand? Absurd but true.
The Råbjerg Mile is what geologists call a migrating coastal dune that travels wherever the wind may take it, which is in a north-easterly direction across Northern Europe. A massive pile, the dune carries 4 million  m³ of sand, occupying an area of around 1 km² and a height of 40 meters. Originally hailing from Skagerrak, Denmark where it was formed 300 years ago, it has thus far moved to an area between Skagen and Frederikshavn, crawling at about 18 meters per year. And if you look closely, you’ll find a trail of sand leading back to its original position.
In the 16 and 17th centuries, these moving sand dunes were a threat to northern Jutland. Back then, colossal dunes spanning up to 7 kilometers drove populations from the coastal areas, a problem that was addressed by the government only in the 19th century through the Sand Drift Act of 1857, which allows the state to “own” and appropriate the sand dune as well as its surrounding areas.To hamper the dune’s movements, dune grasses and conifers were planted around the massive sand pile. It was only in the 1950s, that the dune drifts were finally under control.
Over 250,000 tourists visit the Råbjerg Mile every year.

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Town with so Perfect Views

Étretat, France is a small coastal town with views so perfect, it’s hard to believe they’re real. Étretat’s population is just a little less than 2,000 people, which means you might be the only one on the roads and hiking paths above the ocean. There, you’ll find picture-perfect natural arches staggered along the coastline for your snapshot-ing pleasure. They’ve served as muses for legendary writers and artists, including Claude Monet.

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Breathtaking Views From Cable Cars

Cable cars and Funiculars are appreciated for making it easy for us to discover the beauty of some places which are otherwise impossible to reach. Urban cable cars are picturesque and charming and give you the pleasure of really feeling as a tourist, with plenty of time and much to see and to taste. Because we like them, here are 10 cable cars which cannot be missed, if you find yourself in nearby areas.

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