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Amazing Landscapes of Frozen Waterfalls

The earth surface cracks open and millions of gallons of water tumble down in gargantuan motion: waterfalls are the creation of Mother Nature, designed to enhance our surroundings. While waterfalls are typically known for their powerful rushes of water, during the cold winter months, some transform into magical ice attractions. Enjoy.

Gullfoss Waterfalls, Iceland

frozen-waterfalls-6image source

Niagara Falls, USA

frozen-waterfalls-1image source

Upper Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan

frozen-waterfalls-13image source

Snoqualmie Falls, USA

frozen-waterfalls-2image source

Jägala Waterfalls, Estonia

frozen-waterfalls-9image source

Yosemite Falls, USA

frozen-waterfalls-8image source

Plitvice Waterfalls, Croatia

frozen-waterfalls-7image source

Raymondskill Falls, Pennsylvania

frozen-waterfalls-10image source

Hooker Falls, North Carolina

frozen-waterfalls-14image source

Pericnik Waterfalls, Slovenia

pericnik-waterfallsimage source

High Falls, North Carolina

frozen-waterfalls-15image source

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