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10 Most Beautiful Natural Phenomena In Croatia

Croatia is definitely one of the most beautiful European countries and it has lots of scenic natural corners to pamper your vacation with a wealth of beautiful experiences. From an abundance of green plains with lush woodlands and spacious meadows, to an abundance of mountains, rivers and mountain lakes – you can take advantage of plenty of places to escape awhile to this scenic country. Not to mention that the coastline of Croatia is gorgeously bathed by the warm waters of Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean, while hundreds of islands and islets transform the entire coastline into an unsurpassed watery wonderland. If you really want to enjoy an unforgettable and special vacation with your kids, friends or loved ones – then, a great idea is to visit all or at least a few of the 10 Most Beautiful Natural Phenomena In Croatia. They include only the best of the best masterpieces of the nature, while the best thing is that they are listed below. Take a look.

1. Krka National Park

Krka National Park should be high on your trip list, thanks to its abundant natural flora and fauna. This huge park is a home to an exceptional biodiversity and it’s due to the abundant landscapes. From scenic mountain woodlands, to crystal clear waterways and alpine lakes – Krka National Park is amazing. An extremely pure alpine air leaves your mind open, ready to enjoy more and more outdoor adventures, which are maybe countless. The summer is best to enjoy the true vivacious colours of the nature, while the winter is best for some extreme adventures. Krka National Park is a unique place to escape for a while, while its unique location along the middle coast of Dalmatia makes it as beautiful as easily accessible. What about the interesting places to visit? A series of cascading waterfalls and a historical monastery on a tiny islet are only two of all the appealing places that you can’t miss.


2. Limski Kanal

The northern portion of the Croatian coastline also has plenty of natural pleasures to enjoy and the Lim’ valley is perhaps the most beautiful one. This scenic valley, which looks like a bay and it is also known as Limski Kanal, stretches from the coastal village of Vrsar to nearly 10 kilometers eastward in the peninsula. This distance is a fairytale paradise to explore on land and in water, and during your exploration tour you may thing that you are on another planet. Almost the entire shoreline of the valley is completely undeveloped and unspoiled, and therefore it is covered by scenic green woodlands. The most impressive feature of Limski Kanal is that the whole this green paradise stretches over 100 meters above the crystal clear blue waters, while the entire scenery becomes quite magical at sunset. Then, all the green and blue colours are highlighted with the golden glow of the sun’s rays.


3. Neretva

Neretva River is one of the longest and most beautiful rivers that flow through Croatia. Further, the best time for visiting the river is during the hottest summer months. There are many reasons for that, but one of the most quintessential issues is that the green shores of the river are best for plenty of summer adventures. Picnicking, hiking, biking, mountain biking, wildlife photographing or maybe flying a kite with your kids provide a good collection of amusements for a whole day along the river. The wet amusements are also numerous, such as boating or swimming, while the greatest advantage of the river is that it features crystal clear freshwater for drinking. And Neretva River covers such a gigantic area in Croatia that there are countless of scenic places for your inspiration.


4. Mljet

Mljet is one of the many islands along the coast, but it looks more likely a picturesque natural phenomenon. This is one of the southernmost Croatian islands and its long shape is dotted by numerous green mountain hills with hidden villages and peaceful forest trails. The entire coastline of Mljet is embraced by another abundance of tiny islets and even only some pieces of rocks that scenically appear above the vibrant surface of the sea. There are also plenty of small scenic bays, which are almost completely encircled by steep cliffs and coastal communities. An air temperature of about 30 degrees Celsius in the mid-summer is cooled by the invigorating coastal breeze, while a caressing sunshine offers awesome settings to enjoy the striking shapes of the nature.


5. Plitvice

The world renowned Plitvice Lakes National Park is perhaps the most beautiful natural jewel of Croatia. This park is also the largest national park in Croatia and it covers a truly gigantic area of mountains, rivers and valleys, which are situated nearby the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. As soon as you arrive in Plitvice you will need only 0.01 seconds to realize that you are transported to a fairytale natural paradise. A multitude of travertine terraces and waterfall cascades create most of the unique landscapes, while the surrounding green scenery offers the most refreshing sights to witness. The crystal azure waters with greenish nuances are accompanied by the sparkling sound of the crashing waterfalls, while a network of panoramic trails and walkways provide the best settings to indulge in this unique natural phenomenon.


6. Paklenica

Paklenica is another beautiful national park with breathtaking sights to enjoy, but it is located along the central coastline of Croatia. Therefore, you can take advantage of the gorgeous coastal vistas and the huge horizon of blue waters, which are naturally bordered by the nearby islands. Their majestic mountain peaks and rugged shores tower the blue waters of the sea, but high above the mountains is situated another blue paradise – the clear blue sky. The entire idyllic scenery is complemented by the picturesque coastal villages and their reddish rooftops, historic harbours, long piers, clean calm streets, old houses…


7. Kornati

The archipelago of Kornati will impress your mind and imagination with an unparalleled portion of pristine vistas. Thanks to a remote location in Adriatic Sea, as well as gigantic area with over a hundred smaller islands and islets, Kornati will become your own lovely paradise for a serene vacation. This gigantic archipelago is almost completely uninhabited, which means that most of the islands you will have them all for yourself, while the picturesque blue bays are best for romantic boat trips. Some bays are dominated by tall rugged cliffs, others by tiny pebbly beaches, but they all are inspiring.


8. Trsteno

Trsteno is located only a few kilometers distance from Dubrovnik in southernmost Croatia and it is one of the most tempting places to visit along this portion of the country. Trsteno is one of the world’s oldest arboretums and it originates from the end of the medieval. During a scenic walk trip within the trails you can discover an extensive collection of old trees, while the coastal scenery is complemented also by the vibrant blue waves of the sea, colourful gardens with an awesome Mediterranean charm, a historical chapel from 15th century and many other interesting sights.


9. Trogir

Trogir is a small historical village, which is situated just outside Split. More exactly, Trogir is one of the most typical old villages to pass through when you arrive in Split, because these two urban areas are situated from the both sides of a huge bay. By contrast to Split, Trogir is a unique old city which enjoys a unique natural atmosphere, but the most famous landmark is a small island. This island is covered by historical houses, while its shores provide inspiring vistas of the surrounding scenery, especially at sunset.


10. Zrmanja River

And finally – Zrmanja River. It is another beautiful river in southern Croatia and it flows into the sea with an unsurpassed collection of landscapes, but Zrmanja River features plenty of unique natural features along its entire length. From steep mountain peaks, canyons and picturesque, to waterfalls, lush woodlands and spacious meadows – Zrmanja River offers everything for your mind, soul and senses. The wet adventures are also numerous, especially during the warm summer days, when everything shows the true essence of its natural colours.


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